About Us

We leverage the power of diversity to bring innovative pharmacy benefit solutions to our client partners that reduces their prescription drug costs while improving the health of their people.

WBENC Certified as women-owned, pharmacy benefit expenditures qualify as “Diversity Spend”.

Diversity promotes innovation, opens doors, and creates partnerships that fuel disruptive change. We are WBENC certified as women-owned and managed and our diversity model has attracted an elite group of experts from every facet of Pharmacy Benefit Management.

Through these relationships, our PBM Group Purchasing Coalition platform delivers leading-edge clinical solutions, market-leading pricing, and effortless delivery of services. We relentlessly work smarter and harder to create and nurture a client-focused partnership.


Analytics identify trends. Experienced clinicians help translate data into beneficial plan actions.

Economic Value

Flows through leveraging supplier diversity and annualized prescription drug cost savings.


Client-focused, member-centric … we continuously strive for flawless execution.

Value Proposition

Our value proposition has three key elements …


Prescription drug expenditures contracted through DiversitySolutionsRx qualify as “diversity spend” – industry averages indicate more than $1,500,000 for every 1,000 covered members.


Pharmacy benefit solutions will reduce prescription drug cost from 10% to 30% in the first year – our analysis provides a no-cost, no-risk “reality check” versus your current plan.


Backend partnerships with the leading integrated PBM operators guarantees seamless on-boarding, minimal member disruption, limitless fulfillment options, and immediate issue resolution.

Our consultative approach ensures solutions are customized.  Solutions are flexible based on client needs and preferences – whether carve-in or carve-out, with stop-loss provisions, and with various sourcing options for high-cost specialty pharmaceuticals – among the many provisions that we evaluate.

Our Team

Every client partner has a C-Suite executive sponsor to ensure our value proposition is delivered.

Diane Bowers

Chief Executive Officer

Amanda McGann

Chief Development Officer

Vivian L. Nicole, Esq.

Chief Legal & Compliance Officer

Our Process

Fact finding is a mutual activity.  While we demonstrate our stature in the PBM industry and build our credibility with you, getting to know your needs is a three-step process.

Discovery focuses on four areas:
  1.  Goals – we explore your financial, clinical, ethical, and diversity objectives.
  2. Program Review – we review your current PBM contract and plan.
  3. Prior Claims History – we analyze historical spend versus several of our options.
  4. Unique Requirements – we identify specialty drug challenges and other issues.
Solution Development focuses on your unique profile and our mix of PBM choices:
  1.  We balance your goals to identify an optimized PBM program.
  2. This solution specifically identifies and resolves your unique requirements.
  3. Our comprehensive proposal outlines our non-disruptive on-boarding plan.
Alignment will be the outcome of our final review.  Our partnership is fully envisioned.

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